Gourmet Cookies

Our gourmet cookies are packed with delicious flavor, and we have a huge variety of flavors. Each cookie gift is made fresh to order. Our cookies are scooped by hand from dough made with generous amounts of dark and white high cocoa butter chocolate chunks, giant pieces of toffee, fresh AA butter, sulfite-free dried fruits,
kosher salt, and toasted oats and nuts. They're made without preservatives, trans fats, commercial oils, artificial flavors or color. Each cookie is individually sealed in biodegradable cellophane, packed in our unique gift boxes, and then delivered to you or your gift recipient.

Buttercrunch Cookies
Price: $25.00 
Crocodile Cookies
Price: $40.00 
The Chocoluxe Tower
Price: $67.00 
Boston Strong Cookies
Price: $30.00 
Coconut Cookies
Price: $25.00 
Cookie Monster
Price: $40.00 
Energy Granola Protein Bars
Price: $25.00 
Price: $40.00 
M and M Cookies
Price: $25.00 
Patriots Logo Cookies
Price: $30.00 
Pink Swirly Cookie Collection
Price: $25.00 
Santa's Truckful of Cookies
Price: $52.00 
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