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Gifts from Harvard Sweet Boutique reflect a sense of quality and care that makes giving one of our boxes of sweets feel thoughtful and personal — for both the giver and the receiver. Cookies, brownies and toffee are made by hand with the highest quality ingredients,
and then lovingly tucked into fanciful boxes, adorned with designer ribbon and carefully — but swiftly — shipped to the lucky recipient. Gifts like this practically guarantee an “ooh” and an “aah” upon being opened.

Bakery in a Box
Price: $57.00 
Birthday Party
Price: $45.00 
Bronze Tower
Price: $55.00 
Chocolate Bliss Box
Price: $43.00 
Chocolate, Chocolate
Price: $43.00 
Classic Cookie Collection
Price: $40.00 
Cookie Monster
Price: $44.00 
Crocodile Cookies
Price: $43.00 
Deluxe Golf Tower
Price: $46.00 
Golf and a Picnic
Price: $55.00 
Golf Classic
Price: $40.00 
Happy Birthday Tower
Price: $70.00 
Hole in One Cookies
Price: $44.00 
Just What the Doctor Ordered
Price: $55.00 
Manly Brownie Sampler
Price: $47.00 
Pink Swirly Cookie Collection
Price: $27.00 
Sports Fanatic
Price: $45.00 
The Chocoluxe Tower
Price: $69.00 
The Housewarmer
Price: $68.00 
Tower of Thanks
Price: $67.00 
Tower of Thanks - Gluten Free!
Price: $72.00 
World of Thanks
Price: $49.00 
Yummy Care Package
Price: $43.00 
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NOTE: Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy

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