BUSINESS BEAT: Harvard woman is living the sweet life

cookies, brownies, and toffee from Sue GeorgeAnyone with a sweet tooth now has a new place for indulgence, sure to satisfy even the strongest craving. “Harvard Sweet Boutique” has opened recently, under the careful planning and hard work of Sue George. George, a working mother with two children, has been a resident of Harvard for 14 years. The change of career, from software engineer, to the owner of a catering business, might be seen as unexpected for those who don’t know Sue.

“The experience of being a software engineer has helped with my Web site,” she said.

Those closest to George will remember well her talent for baking, displayed on holiday table settings or tasted at school functions.

“I’m always experimenting,” said George.

The desire to experiment and the love of baking were enough to set her on the road to the sweet life. Harvard Sweet Boutique Inc. opened in early March. The operation is located at 25 South St. in Hudson, sharing the space with “A Movable Feast Catering Kitchen.”

The change of career seems to have been a smart move for the mother of 2, as the business has already caught the attention of “Daily Candy,” a gourmet magazine, which gave the seal of approval to the sweet temptations offered at the boutique. A major NBA franchise has also taken notice of the unique packaging and irresistible concoctions, and has commissioned birthday packages for some of its clientele.

“My most challenging order so far has been the John Hancock,” said George, who already finds herself shipping orders to customers as far away as Florida

“It’s a full-time job. I’m baking 15 hours a week.”

The boutique offers something for everyone, with an array of goodies, ranging from brownies and bars, to gourmet cookies, toffee, occasion and corporate gift packages.

“Some of my favorites are the chocolate toffee cookies and the macadamia bars,” said George.

Almost candy-like, the chocolate-glazed macadamia caramel shortbread bars are loaded with chewy caramel and crunchy macadamia nuts, and are glazed with lush Swiss bittersweet chocolate. Sure to satisfy even the deepest chocolate craving, the giant, chewy chocolate toffee cookies are made with rich bittersweet chocolate and pure double-strength Madagascar vanilla, and are loaded with huge chunks of chocolate-covered toffee. If you have a craving, you can look for the boutique’s goodies at Bolton Orchards, or order online at

“Our beautifully packaged gifts are guaranteed to warm the hearts of your friends, loved ones, and business associates,” said George. “At Harvard Sweet Boutique, we believe that baking should be done the old-fashioned way — from scratch. Everything is made by hand, using only the freshest ingredients. When people order gourmet desserts from us, they can rest assured they’re getting the best, most delicious baked sweet available. Our ingredients are the finest in the market and include rich European chocolate with the highest cocoa butter content, pure double-strength vanilla extracts, the finest flours, premium grade nuts, and fresh Grade A butter. Our products are all natural.”
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